Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Ali Vatter Matter...

The matter at hand is healthcare and how like millions of Americans out there, Ali Vatter can't get health insurance. Due to a pre-existing condition, Ali has been denied NUMEROUS times for health insurance. She is even willing to pay whatever it takes, and still no companies will insure her.
While working on tour with Blink 182 and Fallout Boy, she was feeling ill and was rushed to the hospital. After twelve hours of numerous testing, the doctors eventually discovered that she needed her appendix out immediately. As the tour continued on, Ali had to stay behind in Tampa, Florida all alone, get surgery and stay in the hospital to heal for 3 days.
Now, you may be thinking, no big deal, appendix surgery is easy, blah blah blah... BUT what you may not realize is that all the tests and hospital stay cost her $ 42,850!
If she was able to get health insurance, which she had tried to do numerous times, The total cost would have been thousands of dollars less. But that is not the case. Ali is a victim of discrimination along with 12.6 MILLION non-eldery Americans! Check out this site to learn more:

We decided that with everything Obama is trying to accomplish right now, it wouldn't hurt to have another voice to let America know that we need to CHANGE our healthcare system.

If you have any feelings about this issue, please feel free to write to: We will post entries we feel help this cause and hopefully can get some really good stories that could potentially change people's minds in Washington!

If you would like to help out Ali Vatter and the millions of people that are discriminated against, PLEASE give what you can! Click the donate link and please give what you can so we can help Ali pay her bill. Hopefully, we can cover the whole thing and whatever is left over can go to another uninsured person who is in need.

We would like to think of this as The Uninsured Relief Fund! (Thanks Brock;)

So.... Please contribute to a great cause, email your thoughts and lets change the way our healthcare system works so everyone can get healthcare and not go broke!

Thanks for listening!