Monday, October 12, 2009

The Ali Vatter Matter...

Just got the bill.
I know.
$12,943.86 raised as of Nov. 11th
Need $2056. 14 and hospital will settle with me! Help!

Please read the following blog and give anything you can!


  1. I think that health care should never be denied because of pre-existing conditions and/or lack of insurance. I'm from Canada and although the health care system there isn't perfect, no one is denied care. I hope that people will write to their congress man (woman) to move this issue forward.
    After what happened to Ali. I will definitely get coverage for my wife and I.

  2. This is horrific. I live in the UK, and had my appendix out a few years ago. It was ruptured, so I needed emergency surgery, along with numerous blood transfusions, drugs and nearly a fortnight in hospital. I didn't pay a single penny for this as it was covered by the NHS. I'm so sorry that Ali has to go through this and pay for it all. And sadly, Ali's case isn't unique. This happens everyday : (

    Feel better soon Ali! Tabby x

  3. I am a 23 year old collge student, my mom is deceased and my dad is permanently disabled. I cant afford any kind of health insurance, as I support myself and make very litte money. Over the summer I fainted and landed hard on my chin and needed stitches. 2 hours and 8 stiches later I am now in debt $5000 dollars. I dunno what I'm going to do, but I will donate to Ali and I pray for healthcare reform, at this rate I could lose everything. $5000 may not seem like much, but in small town, Ohio its unreachable. Good luck to the rest of you, who like me, just cant afford to get sick

  4. I am disabled and rely on Medicare...and it STILL leaves me with medical bills after they pay "whatever".

    I've never had a $42K bill, but I deal with collection agencies from the remainder that Medicare doesn't pay. I have to pay for a home for my 13 yo son, keep the utilities on, feed I have to just ignore the collection calls for anything from a few hundred to $1000 that Medicare didn't cover. I refuse to max out credit cards and pay them for fear I will need to credit cards for future emergencies with my car and such. And I STILL don't go to the doctor for minor things because I have A co-pay that is just NOT in my monthly budget.

    So, heath care reform? If Medicare, who takes care of the elderly and disabled, does a shitty job I don't have much hope for the type of insurance the Gov. can provide the mostly healthy, able body people who just don't have access to insurance.

    Bottom line, if you can't afford the co-pay, you still won't go to the doctor.

    Good luck Ali! I know having a bill that much looming over your head must be stressful. Just remember, most health care facilities will accept payment plans over not getting paid at all. Don't ever max out credit cards...then face bankruptcy later. I would donate if I could but I am a single (disabled) mom who has to live in $1500 a month. Just know you are not alone in the "health care hell hole". ::hugs::

  5. Your email didn't work, so I posted my response in a blog. You can read it here:

    All my best to you <3

    Ashley Jean

  6. I donated, but I was wondering if there was any way you could put a chart on here to see how much was raised and how much more needs to be raised? I'm curious how much has been donated so far, especially with Pete Wentz posting this on his blog (which is how I found out.)

  7. I had a friend who's daughter had cancer and he said that you can negotiate your health care bills down. One thing to remember is that insurance carriers are NOT paying that much for anyone's care - they NEGOTIATE and so can you. I hope this information is helpful.

  8. Wow. Absolutely shocking that this can still happen to this very day. I had no idea you guys had this problem, it has really opened my eyes.

    Made a donation, now tweeting and mailing others.

    Best of luck,

  9. I dont have much, but i would love to donate!!

  10. I live in Montreal, Canada and we have every medical care paid by the fellow americans, you need to support P.Obama on his new policies...

  11. Well I feel you on this one. IT may not seem like much to most people, but I have a little over $4,000 in medical bills for my daughter and myself.

    It was after I was "let go" from my job, she needed to be rushed to the ER (twice) and I needed a CAT scan on my head...

    Again it's nothing compared to your $42,000 bill but I have no way to pay either. I am in school for 30+ hours a day getting my Photography degree, and my only chance at work is 3rd shift.
    And well, with the economy in the state it is, 3rd shift suffers even more than 1st or second. It's nearly impossible out here in the cornfields of Wisconsin.
    It is rediculous the amount of money they charge to do some of these thins in the hospital. SOMETHING needs to be done.

  12. As an uninsured college student I can understand this and I understand the pain it causes. I spent my summer working as a camp counselor/horseback riding instructor. If anyone has ever been around horses you know that one wrong move and you're on the ground or have been kicked in some body part by a creature much stronger than you are. Both happened to me this summer and due to the fact that I didn't have health insurance I never went to the clinic and probably should have...possible spinal injuries be damned because I couldn't afford it.

  13. I sympathize with your plight. I'm in the same boat, a 21 years old and cannot afford health insurance. With paying off credit cards, rent, utilities and food, there is just no money left.

    To my fellow uninsured Americans, here's hoping you don't get sick this flu season...or sick for any other reason for that matter. Cheers.

  14. it breaks my heart reading all this. i really hope that change is near for every american. i dontated what i could... i hope it helps.

  15. I also have no health insurance and a few months ago had to go to the ER for my asthma. After sending me home without the proper treatment I was back again that day. I ended up with over $3K in hospital bills (and I STILL can't afford my $250 asthma medication). I know it's not anywhere near $42,000 - but I can completely sympathize with this situation. One thing I can say is you can absolutely negotiate your bill and apply for Charity Care if you can't (which most people can't!) afford to pay it. Hospitals are greedy bastards.
    Best of luck, hope my donation helps.

  16. This is horrific and my heart goes out to you. I just donated what I can to help you out.

    This is yet another reason why america needs a health reform. The only people who seem to not want one are those wealthy enough to foot these kinds of bills! Healthcare is a right, not a product!

    Good luck and I hope to hear that enough people donated to pay off your bill. God speed.
    Dan x

  17. Thank you for the information. I toured with Ali last year and didn't know about her situation. I've posted this link on my FB page, Twitter and in a group I created called "I'm For Nationalized Healthcare" on Facebook. Hopefully if everyone does adds something it won't take long to put a dent in the matter.

  18. I gave what i could Ali. I can relate to hospital bills. (: best of luck in all you do.

  19. Ali -
    I read about this through Mark's Huffington Post article, and I'm more than happy to donate some money to you! However, this reminds me of from several years ago - She landed herself into serious debt through shopping (different, yes) and made a site to have money donated to help her out of it. Brilliant! One thing she did was show how much SHE was paying to help get these bills down, and that's something I would like to see from you before I donate. I know that you have other expenses and I completely sympathize, but even if you had health insurance you would still be expected to pay the amounts that weren't covered. So show me that you're taking responsibility for these (albeit outrageous and unfair) bills and I'd be happy to help :) And good luck, really!

  20. your email address isn't working, I tried to send my story. I think if more people who are against reform realized they have friends who are hard working people that NEED this reform they might change their minds. It seems they have in their head the only people who need this are people on welfare.

  21. I just had surgery a week ago but was blessed to have insurance because I would NOT have been able to afford it because I am on disability. I can only donate $5 but I hope it helps. Good luck!! I'll keep you in my prayers!

  22. Sorry took so long to donate Ali, late as usual! haha. Hope you are recovered OK. Makes me sick when I see right wing politicians in the US using our National Health Service as an example of why the US shouldn't have proper healthcare for all! This wouldn't happen in the UK. If a politician over here suggested that a pre-existing condition should preclude someone from treatment they would never hold public office again!